Leadership : Co-founder
an exciting environment with flexible hours at all levels. Focus is on deliverables and grooming you as next leader

The Think Tank catalyzes all three stakeholders (Startups - Investors - Corporates) to meaningfully engage and find synergies for mutual success by providing a framework where the finest ideas are curated, researched, validated, refined, conceptualized for scale and partnered with Corporates

We with our services provide access to leading labs for research with the support of thought leaders for mentorship, experts to file patents/conduct valuations / create business plans, specialists to enable effective Technology Transfers, entry into top platforms for Global market access and an investor network that supports the journey to its logical end

If you have a strong willingness, professional behavior and business acumen. We bring the business FOR yourself, but you are NOT BY yourself, our professional coaching and support team are always available.

What’s great is that you don’t need to have a prior business experience BUT strong willingness, professional behavior and business acumen

We aim to partner with competent technology professional firms/team for our technology powered ventures of future. Please schedule a meeting with us or proceed to join us

The opportunity to join the Journey of a Startup Founder and become part of the leadership

  • Get over a regular pattern of getting monthly salary and be a part of company's profit share holder to work towards your much bigger dreams. As basis contribution you would be considered for ESOP (with due diligence)

  • Let's begin the discussion about how we can combine forces and create a great future together!

  • (AtmaNirbhar) ThinkTank being India's first venture studio is looking ahead to explore with some credible associations. Collective wisdom of global leadership will unleash potential of your entrepreneurial spirits by connecting dots with opportunities in Startup Eco-System. Interested people may join us by applying on above tab and schedule time with us . An entrepreneurial opportunity for committed professionals and not a salary based regular job, remaining may apply for internship programs

    (An experienced professional looking to change his/her profile may also join our internship program which will be customized based on part time availability)

Join RisingIndia ThinkTank's team for Next Startups to become part of India's first venture studioJoin RisingIndia ThinkTank's team for Next Startups to become part of India's first venture studio