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RisingIndia ThinkTank presents Next Startup as an avant-garde initiative dedicated to nurturing the evolution of pioneering businesses for the next generation. Our inclusive entrepreneurial framework unlocks the vast potential of Tier II and Tier III cities.

AgriVaidic Integration
AgriVaidic Integration (Agriculture - Food Technology, FMCG, Chef, Nutrition and Yoga) or Agri Vedic
AgriVaidic Integration (Agriculture - Food Technology, FMCG, Chef, Nutrition and Yoga) or Agri Vedic

"Sharing blessings of farmers' family, not in business of selling foods"

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Vision to make healthy eating a fundamental aspect of everyday life, by promoting the integration of agriculture, food technology, and nutrition management. With the help of chefs with culinary skills and yoga instructors, we strive to create a comprehensive and holistic approach to developing healthy lifestyles

SIPJr. SIP Junior is world's first Kids activity program for connecting children with Sustainability
SIPJr. SIP Junior is world's first Kids activity program for connecting children with Sustainability

SIP Jr. is a revolutionary program that engages children in sustainability with practical life exposure

Amplifying Indian start-up ecosystem with entrepreneurship opportunity for everyone that may include:
1. Providing opportunities for leadership and co-founder roles
2. Connecting with individual angel investors and investment groups
3. Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses striving for growth
4. Offering internships for students, freshers, and professionals with entrepreneurial spirits and big dreams
5. Partnering with technology companies to build apps and websites on various platforms

Our approach is guided by modern management principles and a transparent culture that encourages everyone with potential to be a part of our founding team. We believe in fostering innovative ideas backed by technology and sustainable business models. Our team is dedicated to working with the founding team and nurturing leadership qualities in diligent performers.

(AtmaNirbhar) ThinkTank being India's first venture studio is looking forward to exploring credible associations and leveraging the collective wisdom of global leadership to unleash the potential of your entrepreneurial spirit. If you are a committed professional with entrepreneurial aspirations, please apply to join our team by clicking on the tab above and scheduling time with us. If you're looking for a regular salary-based job, please consider applying for our internship programs.

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Sustainable Tourism - Tours and Travel This next startup is venturing into the realm of tourism and hospitality, an industry that has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. We’re introducing a unique concept in sustainable tourism, aimed at transforming the way people travel for leisure. The platform, is designed to revolutionize travel experiences by offering eco-friendly and socially responsible options

A Unique Media Channel Promoting Sustainable Entrepreneurship While the business media landscape may seem crowded, we’ve identified a unique opportunity that remains largely untapped.

EdTech startup aims to change this narrative with an autodidact program for executive leadership mentoring. We assess individuals based on their interests and skill sets, providing them with opportunities to work on live projects for practical exposure in the corporate world

HR Circle: Startup aims to challenge promoter driven norm by embracing modern management principles that negate traditional employer-employee relationships and hierarchical management systems

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